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2015 is the Year for Business Organization

If you started a small business last year, you may have spent the previous twelve months in a flurry of hiring, selling and growing. Now that the New Year is here and it’s time to take a breath and get organized. You made it through your first year in business and you deserve a pat on the back. Now you need to grab your shoe box of receipts, move your coffee off of your manila folders, and get organized for 2015.

Here are few easy strategies for to help organize your business:


Tax time is right around the corner and you need to organize your expenses. You also need to find a way to track your spending for this year. While you may not have seen the need for software before, now may be the time to invest in accounting software that will allow you to track all of the money that goes in and out of your business account. Not only will it help keep your accounts balance, it will also help you begin to formulate sales forecasts and income projects for 2015 and beyond.

Control Seasonal Growth

Most businesses don’t experience steady growth. Instead, they face periods of sales increases and decreases. Or you may be planning a new product launch where additional support is necessary. Take the time to determine what your inventory, personnel and manufacturing needs will be for the year and how you will handle the fluctuations. This way you won’t be caught short staffed or with excess inventory at the end of 2015.

Finding the Right Assistant

Not everyone has the organizational skills necessary to streamline a business. If organization isn’t your forte, perhaps you should hire an assistant to help with this aspect of company. It may seem like an extravagance now, but the money a good assistant can save you by getting your business in order will create a great return on the investment.

Sustainable Growing Pains

Small companies often will offer excellent customer service in the beginning, but can’t sustain the personal touch as the business grows. Customers are the backbone of every company. By getting organized now and planning how your company will grow in 2015 you will be able create a scalable business strategy that includes taking care of your customers.

The first year in business can sometimes lead to some unexpected opportunities or challenges. But after you have been in business, you should be able to start planning the path your company will take. By getting your company organized now, you will be able to track expenses, plan for seasonal trends and expand your business without neglecting your customers. Here’s to wishing you a prosperous and sustainable second year in business.

If you would you like to learn more about strategies for the organization and growth of your business give us a call today.