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Salon Business Trends

Salon Business Trends to Be Aware of in 2018

We live in a world where consumer shopping behavior is constantly evolving and each change shifts the way we conduct business. It’s no surprise that salon business trends have been impacted by the use of technology. Technology makes way for us to have everything we need at our fingertips -literally. The days of walking into your neighborhood salon or calling over the phone for an appointment booking seem archaic. Today’s consumer searches for unique experiences and instant gratification. If they can’t have it now, they’ll find somewhere else to take their business. Here’s a roundup of 2018 Salon Business Trends to look out for and begin adapting to. 

Salon Business Trends


Technology, need I say more? Incorporating technology into your salon business is an absolute must. In today’s busy world, clients are looking for easy and instant ways of getting things done. This means booking appointments online or through an app, auto sending text reminders, offering wi-fi and the option to pay by phone. Adding the convenience of online booking means clients can book an appointment anytime, day or night – and the added bonus of less time spent on the phone for you. Integrating contactless payments (NFC technology) makes it convenient to pay for your tech-savvy clients and keeps you ahead of the curve with a trend that continues to grow in popularity. Offering Wi-Fi makes it easy for guests to “check in” to your business on social media or post a selfie of their new look. These “check ins” and social media posts add valuable credibility to your business reputation. Wi-Fi can be more than just a wireless internet connection, it can serve as a marketing tool for your business. Check out our solution for Smart Wi-Fi.


Nontraditional Marketing

Selfies, stories, sharing -social media has taken over! While traditional marketing campaigns remain a best practice, nontraditional forms of promoting your business cause major buzz. An online stylebook is a great way to start cultivating a following. Posting images of before and after looks, the hottest hair color trends and inspirational styles will gain the most traction on social media. Analyzing what posts resonate most with your followers gives you some insight on what you should continue doing more of. To help you generate some engagement, consider posting video tutorials or live feeds. You can start with something as simple as posting a series of short videos with hair care recommendations from your stylists’.


Retail Offerings

Consumers have majorly shifted their purchase preferences to natural and organic products. Your retails options should include a variety of non-chemical based offerings to meet the demand for these products. Today’s shopper is concerned with the effect of toxins found in everyday products and the negative impact it has on the environment. Promoting a “green” lifestyle with natural hair care products can drive additional sales to your business.   

 Salon visits have evolved into experiences. The more convenient unique the visit -the easier it becomes to win over a loyal customer base. How are you keeping up with Salon Business Trends?