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3 Local Link-Building Strategies

The strategy for link-building to gain more of a web presence by placing links to your website on 3rd party websites has changed significantly. The biggest change for the way link-building tactics were executed happened when Google released their Penguin update. The Penguin update by Google made old back-linking practices of placing links to your website from many 3rd party websites worthless and in some cases, harmful hurting a business’s organic rankings. Link-building is still a great way to improve organic rankings but, the websites that your links are placed on need to be relevant and practical to your business. Also, the websites should be reputable and hold high value. Strategies for link-building have shown with the Penguin update, to improve not only organic rankings but local rankings on Google Maps.

Listed below are 3 local link-building ideas presented at MozCon Local 2016 by owner of Nifty Marketing, Mike Ramsey:


  1. Alumni Directory or Association Links

It is wise for business owners who attended a local or state university to use .edu websites to place links back to your website. Not only are .edu links seen as holding a lot of value and authority from Google but, it helps the business owner get in touch with alumni associations and have good press published.

  1. Existing Brand Mentions

There are businesses whose brands are reviewed and published on various blogs and social media outlets, however sometimes the author does not provide a backlink to the business’s website. Any sort of brand mention you find about your business online, it is highly recommended to contact the author to provide a backlink to your website for readers and viewers. By providing a backlink makes the viewers and readers much more likely to click on your website and learn more about your brand, rather than having to leave the article and Google it themselves adding more steps to get to your website.

  1. Industry-specific local directories

Getting your business listed on directories that focus on listed businesses in the same industry as yours is a great because of their high authority and it helps Google identify your business’s category and services/products. An example would be for a restaurant to be listed on, previously, which gives ratings and reviews solely for restaurants. Another example would be for a hair salon to be listed on


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