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3 things to know about Googles Search Engine’s Guidelines

It seems that Google had a leak and the secrets of their quality rater’s guidelines were released. However Google decided to get out in front of the so called “leak” and bless the internet world with a 160 page document explaining exactly what they look for in a website. The contents of the document were not surprising to most SEO experts, they really just hammered home some core concepts that great ranking websites already practice. Lets look at the main three concepts to keep in mind.

1.) Fulling the needs of the user.
Every website should serve some kind of purpose to the user. For example: the purpose of a movie theater website would be showing movie times, movie trailers, and basic movie theater information. However if it was just cooking recipes and cat pictures the website would not fulfill the needs of a user looking for information about movies.

2.) Content, Content, Content!
The truest statement in business is “Cash is King!”, however in the SEO world “Content is King!”. There are two parts to the content on your website, main content and supporting content. Main content is what you are reading now, the bulk of the text, and the supporting content are things like the footer, navigation links, etc. There are guidelines to acceptable content that will allow a website to rank highly. Content must be original and relevant, any content that is copied and pasted or automatically generated isn’t going to produce high rankings.

3.) Become a trusted source of information
Your website being viewed as an authoritative site in its field is a must because Google wants to show information that its users can rely on. Google is not interested in putting up health care information from just anybody they want a reputable website supplying the information for its users. To become a authority site, reviews, citations, outlined expertise and credentials are all must have assets!

Keep these three concepts in mind when creating or redesigning a website and it will greatly increase the chances of the website ranking well in Google search results.