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3 Ways to Dominate E-Commerce Customer Service in Your Business

E-commerce has changed a lot throughout the years. Today, especially in such a competitive business world, it is more important than ever to have an online presence. As a business owner, if you want to be successful and watch your business grow, as well as attain new customers, you must be involved in e-commerce. Here are three great ways to dominate e-commerce customer service in your business.

1. Communicate with Customers through Social Media

Social media is the fastest, easiest way of staying in touch with your customers. Today, it is also more commonly used for consumers to share their experience through social media whether it was a negative or positive experience. Staying on top of multiple social media sites can often be time-consuming and can get confusing, that’s why at TouchSuite, we use a platform where we are able to manage all of our social media platforms on one page, reaching out to all potential customers at the same time. Being active and responsive through social media accounts helps to put your business out there and shows that you care.

2. E-Mail Support

It is important to make it easy for customers to be able to contact you. It is also important to separate your personal email from your e-commerce email. This helps when deciding which emails need to be responded to. If customers have their questions answered quickly and accurately, they are more likely to feel comfortable with the business and moving onward.

3. In-Bound Phone Support

Talking to your customers directly is the easiest and best way to learn about your customers’ wants and needs. You learn  lot more about a customer when talking to them directly versus going back and forth in emails. Emails can also take a long time to get back to someone, or you may simply forget to respond to their last request; phone calls speed up any issues or questions the need to be answered and is a great form of customer service. Finally, discussing pricing via email can often leave customers wanting to know more details about the pricing. If a customer is about to give your company a lot of money, they are more likely going to want to speak with someone before purchasing from your company.