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3 Ways To Keep Your Bar & Pub’s Performance High

Often times, bars, pubs and nightclubs tend to struggle with losing money to theft, over pouring, breakage and other factors. With TouchSuite’s Restaurant Point-of-Sale system, you can easily track inventory, down to each ingredient. It is crucial to always know how much or how little of a certain ingredient you have in stock at your business. This will help calculate shrinkage in order to detect how much theft may actually be occurring at your restaurant establishment. You can also help control these costs by using measured pourers or jiggers to make sure your bartenders are making consistent drinks for all of your customers. When bartenders use measured pourers, this helps insure no drink is over poured and this also eliminates the chance of wasted liquor. Another little trick that helps you save money on alcohol inventory is using glasses with a heavier base. This allows you to not use as much liquid to fill the glass, ultimately saving you money because you won’t have to fill the glass as much as a standard glass.

It is essential for a business to easily be able to split a check or to manually enter payment amounts when dealing with larger parties. Especially during happy hour when it can often be the busiest time of the day, your point-of-sale system should be able to easily divide the bill, which ultimately will save you and your employees’ time as well as enhance your customers’ experience.

Another great way to keep customers coming to your establishment is by creating a bar or drink menu that is going to grab the attention of your customers. When you go to a restaurant you love, its nice to also have some variety here and there and switch things up from your usual dining experience. What is on the menu is what matters most, and when customers see something they like that links that specific items to your bar, customer loyalty is bound to rise. Making drinks slightly different from bars down the streets give your the upper leg when it comes to deciding where to stop for a quick drink. Also, determine your demographics. Are you targeting the after work, happy hour crew? Or are you targeting college students who want to get drinks on a Thursday evening? It’s important to stay on top of drink trends and to switch up your options depending on the time/ season of the year. Once you figure out your target market, another great way to keep repeat customers coming is by hosting weekly events at your bar or pub. Karaoke Tuesday’s or Ladies Night Wednesday’s is an easy way to open your doors to customers looking to try something new or to keep those customers coming back. Take advantage of happy hour or late-night menus by offering discounted items that are easily shareable between a few guests with a high profit margin. These three tips are great and easy ways to control the performance of your bar, restaurant or pub, so start taking advantage of them now and stay ahead of the competition.