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4 Secrets to a Successful Coffee Shop

  1. Employees: Hire passionate people. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a staff that stands out from the crowd. A staff that greets each customer with a smile and kind tone of voice – no matter what type of day they are having – these are the people you want to hire. Customers seek personal attention from the people who help them on a day-to-day basis, such as a coffee barista. This personal attention is often what differentiates a large chain coffee shop from a mom and pop coffee shop. Hiring staff that truly puts an effort into making their customers a cup of coffee is an artwork. You don’t want people working for you who think it’s a drag or gets annoyed when a customer wants to switch an ingredient in their drink – enjoying what you do and knowing you put a smile on your customers’ face is the best type of reward of all. Model the behavior you want your employees to have: be passionate and happy about what you do. Customers tend to return to places where they are served by happy people. Understanding the needs you are really catering to will help you better construct your business and make decisions that have your customers coming back for more.
  2. Location: Location is crucial. It is so important for you to choose a location for your coffee shop that is an easy, go-to, quick-stop location for lots of consumers on their way to work. Having enough parking to serve all of your customers is also extremely important. If there’s a long line and nowhere to park, the chances of that customer coming into your coffee just went from high to extremely low.
    Once you have found a location you think will be successful, it is then important to learn more about that area. Is it a corporate area? Is there a traffic light or stop sign close by? What kind of business was there before? Why did it fail? Why did it succeed? All of these questions will play a big role in deciding whether or not this may be the perfect location for your coffee shop.It is also important to remember that high traffic does not always translate into a high turnover for coffee. Rent costs in high traffic locations can often be expensive and you will be competing with larger businesses such as banks, retailers etc. So make sure to do a lot of research on the area before purchasing a shop.

    Along with location comes the concept of your shop; is it a family-friendly shop? Is it strictly corporate? Is it a lounge-type coffee shop? Is it for students? This is imperative when choosing the location as well as setting up the rest of your business such as the name, products you will serve, logo, cups, etc.

  3. Limit Products and Promote Sales: Many mistakes that most coffee shop owners make is that they try and provide a product for each and every customer. Limiting your assortment of products but at the same time covering the necessary categories helps keep costs low and customers happy. Keeping coffee accompaniments such as muffins and cookies close to the register greatly increases the chance of multiple sales.
  4. Have the best damn’ coffee in town: Have the best quality coffee, 100% of the time. High quality is essential for success in this type of business. Find a great coffee roaster, not just one that roasts delicious coffee and is time efficient, but one that is truly an art. Coffee is one of the rare things that needs to be consistent. Learn everything you can about coffee- from the plant to brewing to the taste in someone’s mouth- know it all. You should be the expert on coffee and then pass along this information to your staff members.