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5 Critical Tools Everyone in the Retail Industry Should be Using

Remember seeing recreations of those old-fashioned General Stores on the television shows of your childhood? Retail in those days was all about ensuring the timely delivery of merchandise and keeping track of those IOUs from local farmers who couldn’t pay until the crops came in.

While today’s version of those elements (just in time delivery and layaway) are certainly important, there are other tools that matter even more. Some of them are definitely “newfangled technology,” while others are tried and true in the retail industry.

Here is a list of 5 tools everyone in the retail industry should be using:
  1. People.

    There’s no question that, as with any business, your biggest assets are your employees. It is people who ultimately sell a product, and traits like friendliness, openness, and an ability to connect with customers are critical to the sale. This is why it’s important for any retail owner or manager to work hard to train staff and keep them happy and motivated. Those happy staff will then be happy to sell your product.

  2. Product.

    Of course, if you don’t have a good quality product that meets a definite need, those people won’t have much luck selling it. Whether you’re retailing the basics (food, clothing and shelter) or the new essentials (computers, mobile phones, or the apps that keep commerce moving), it’s important to promote that product with the customer’s needs (or wants) in mind. And product that can speak to the needs of the customer is going to fly off the shelves.

  3. Gift Cards and Promotions.

    Whether real or virtual, gift cards, next purchase offers, promotions, and other marketing tools help spread the word about your product and keep customers coming back. Cards work especially well because chances are that nothing on your shelves will cost exactly $25, so customers will need to buy more in order to use up all their cash balance.

  4. Social Media.

    In this day and age, no retailer can afford to ignore social media. From the buzz of Twitter to the perfect product picture on Pinterest, social media keeps your brand and product in front of your customers 24/7/365.

  5. The Perfect POS System.

    In order for your people to sell your products and gift cards, you need a POS which will automatically and securely integrate each sale with your accounting software. This is why our program is so critical to the success of your business.

You see, sales really haven’t changed over the centuries; only the tools you use to make those sales happen. There’s really not that much difference between that old-fashioned General Store and the your ultra-modern shop. The difference now is the interconnectedness of those tools, with social media, gift cards and even your POS system all operating off the same device!