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valentines day restaurant tips

5 Valentine’s Day Restaurant Tips

Valentine’s day is here and you’re wondering what you should keep in mind before the flock of love birds head your way. One of the most romantic holidays of the year, calls for additional attention to detail and an elevated guest experience. According to research from the National Restaurant Association (NRA), here are 5 Valentine’s day restaurant tips to be mindful of for the second busiest holiday of the year.

Valentine’s Day Restaurant Tips


Make sure love is in the air.

The atmosphere of your restaurant makes a difference, 21% of diners will select a restaurant based on the ambiance. Whether this means mood lighting, roses for each table, candle lit dinners or hiring a musician to perform for the night -make your guests feel the love! If you’re looking to go “outside of the box”, a nontraditional theme night may be more your speed. Chicago based restaurant Found Kitchen and Social House, based their night and menu around movie romances.

Consider a Valentine’s Day menu.

With 13% of diners opting for a restaurant that offers a special Valentine’s Day menu, considering a special menu item is a must. Specialty cocktails, fun shaped desserts or Valentine’s Day entrée selections, the point is to spice things up a bit. South Florida restaurants are whipping up romantic concoctions for this Valentine’s Day, see what’s “making hearts melt”.

Spending is forecasted to reach near record highs.

In 2018, Valentine’s day spending is expected to reach near record $19.6 Billion. The that’s an average of over $140 per consumer which is an increase from last year’s spending.

Expect an increase in gift card purchases.

A whopping one-third of Americans would like to receive a restaurant gift card on February 14th. Of that one-third, 46% of men favored restaurant gift cards over other options. Create special offers around gift card purchases to entice customers to return for another dining experience. Promoting your gift card program should lead to additional revenue generating opportunities. Communicate with your staff any special gift card offers or include a blurb about it in all guest receipts.

Staff communication.

Probably one of the most important valentines day restaurant tips, communication. This is crucial to a flawless Valentine’s Day dinner service. Clear direction should be communicated beforehand to all staff members in preparation for the evening. The team should be aware of any special menu items, dining discounts, expectations for the evening and even encourage them to provide feedback on how to elevate the guest experience.

A unique dining experience leaves guests wanting to return for more -with or without their sweet heart. Cheers to a busy yet seamless Valentine’s Day dining experience!  What are some of your Valentine’s Day Restaurant Tips for 2018?