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7 Steps to a Successful TouchSuite Restaurant Installation

Here are 7 Steps to a successful TouchSuite Restaurant installation:

  1. Site Consultation

The first step is all about surveying the install site and making sure you are acquiring the necessary components needed to adhere to the customer’s needs. The site must have internet connection at the time of installation and system setup. Each terminal and remote printer will need their own Ethernet connection to a router/modem. Menus should be complete and sent in to support with all items sold listed along with the installation guide at least 5-7 business days prior to the setup.

Please note: if a network technician, wiring or install tech is required this will be an additional cost to the customer and will need to be scheduled before system setup. Technical support can assist in finding installers if necessary.

  1. Database programming

This works best when the completed menu and installation guide have been sent in. All logos, and add on information should be specified and sent in as well. Technical support will create the menu and setup database based on the information you and your customer provided. The more complete the information the better the install will go.

  1. Equipment installation

Once the sale is done and the equipment arrives, installations needs to be completed.  In each box the customer receives instructions on installing the systems. We recommend the customer does the installation to ensure they get a good understanding of the hardware and connections. However if they cannot; as a sales agent you can either take the initiative and do the installation yourself or setup a time for an installer to come onsite. (Please ensure terminals are wired and connected to internet before system setup is scheduled)

  1. System setup

During system setup technical support will connect database to IP address, printers, cash drawers and any other additional equipment that the customer may have purchased. They will also drop in their menu (if provided at time of sale). The customer will be instructed to take the time to go over the menu and send in all changes requested to as well as take down and questions they may have to ensure a smooth and conversational training. The training is typically scheduled for the day after setup or the next available day and time that is convenient for customer.

  1. Staff training (FOH)

After POS system is physically installed and database setup, the customer will go through training sessions. FOH (Front of House) training can also take up to 2 hours or more and should include all staff that will be using the system regularly (Servers, Bartenders, etc). This training consists of time clock usage, menu ordering, credit card functions, as well as phone orders and delivery. (If applies)

  1. Management Training (BOH)

BOH (Back of House) or Manager training can take up to two hours or more and teaches the customer critical managerial functions including Back of house tasks, database maintenance, Reports, troubleshooting and system security, etc.

  1. Customer support

Be available and knowledgeable. If you are dependable and eager to learn the software and hardware you are selling the better your sales pipeline will become. Customers want an agent they can depend on whether it’s a question about their sale or getting more hardware to help their company grow. POS systems can be a big change and this can scare customers. Being dependable, knowledgeable and giving customers realistic procedures for the setup and learning process can help reduce the amount of returns as well as give you and TouchSuite a great reputation and many future referrals.