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7 Things About QuickBooks POS Your Boss Needs to Know

Chances are your business is already using QuickBooks to simplify payroll, manage inventory and facilitate sales.  If you’re not, the release of QuickBooks POS (point of sale) could well provide the leverage you need to persuade your boss that now is the time to reconsider that decision.

In that discussion, your boss is likely to have some pointed questions, and you’ll want to be well prepared to answer them.

Here are 7 things about QuickBooks POS your boss will want to know and the information you need to provide informed answers:

  1. How QuickBooks POS Will Help You Manage Your Business Processes:  QuickBooks POS software will streamline your most important business processes, from tracking sales to managing inventory.  It will add measurably to the quality of customer service you deliver, is relatively easy to use and will give you the technical support you need if questions or problems occur.
  2. QuickBooks POS Basic vs. Pro:  QuickBooks Pro includes several features not available on the Basic version, such as tracking your sales orders by means of serial numbers or capturing shipping addresses.  In general, the Basic version provides most, if not all, of the features needed by small businesses.
  3. Inventory Management:  QuickBooks POS makes inventory management easier and less time-consuming by automating the process.  POS will, for example, automatically change your count of a particular product when one of those items is sold, or increase the count if a customer returns that product.
  4. Customer Service and Marketing:  the POS software captures key customer information to enhance customer service.  This includes any previous product purchases.  By tracking customer preferences, businesses can provide more personalized service and segment their customer base to engage in enhanced marketing activities.
  5. Saving Time and Money:  by automating such business processes as inventory management and credit card screening, QuickBooks POS can save your company precious financial and human resources. You can tell your boss to this extent that POS is a sound business investment.
  6. Ease of Use:  like other QuickBooks software, POS is relatively easy to learn and to use.  The user interface is intuitive and uncomplicated, reducing the learning curve associated with other, less sophisticated software programs, another time-saving feature.
  7. Product Support:  QuickBooks POS provides extensive and robust product support. In addition to a comprehensive FAQ, users have access to an online chat feature, a sophisticated telephone support network staffed by trained representatives, and a series of informative instructional videos.

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