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Get Found on Google with TownTarget

Ask any politician and they’ll tell you that small to medium sized businesses are the back bone of the American economy. According to Forbes Magazine, small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995. So how can you help your local businesses grow, thrive and employ people in your community? Present TownTarget to them.

TownTarget is geared towards small and medium sized, community-based businesses. It’s an inexpensive solution to online marketing and SEO that doesn’t require the merchant to do very much at all. Look at these great marketing suggestions from Small Biz Trends. These really are terrific ideas but they require the business owner to spend lots of time refining their online approach. Guess what? TownTarget does just about everything in this article for the merchant for less than $200.00 per month, in some cases, much less.

In another article, Small Biz Trends lays out 10 tips and tricks for managing your online marketing. Practically every sentence begins with “you have to…” and then spells out more work for the merchant. Business owners are great cooks or barbers or gift shop owners and they are passionate about bringing their products and services to as many people as they can possibly reach. What they might not be great at is understanding everything that goes into promoting their business. Guess what? TownTarget can help streamline and focus their online profile and exposure, allowing them time to create their next great recipe or buy those new products for their business and spend time impressing the customers that show up.

Most small business fail because the owners simply get swamped by everything they have to do to keep a business running. Any product that you can present to a business owner that frees up their time and attention to focus on their customers and generating income is a product they should be interested in. Guess what? TownTarget is a product that allows them to that time.

Major Benefits of TownTarget include:

  • Captures more customers and increases reach frequency and impressions
  • Significantly increases marketing presence without increasing costs
  • We do all the work for you, including managing account changes
  • Bring a merchant’s online presence together in one place, that is easily accessible on web, mobile and GPS-based devices
  • Custom tailored program