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The TouchSuite Agent Program is one of the most lucrative programs available for agents today.

When you become a TouchSuite Agent, you are able to provide merchants with:

Superior Technology that Syncs with QuickBooks

State-of-the-art Point of Sale Systems

Merchant Services including Debit and Credit Card Processing

Recurring Payments and Online Billing

Acceptance of EMV Chip Cards and Apple Pay

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Exclusive Marketing Programs

You can rely on lifetime residuals and are offered an aggressive compensation split, making it an extremely profitable program.

What Do You Get As An Agent?

Access To Marketing Materials

Once you become an Agent, we will give you access to our marketing platform which allows you to access and order business cards, sell sheets, promotional items and information flyers, all with the ability to be personalized. All this information is easy to read and understand making it a stress-free sale.

Access To The Agent Library

The Agent Library is your database of all information on our products and services. Instead of trying to put together your own marketing collateral, login to the library, search the product or service you are looking for and you will find a huge variety of knowledgeable information including PowerPoints, emails, applications, videos & demos, images, logos, etc.

Access To Support

Our support team is here to answer any question you may have. Aside from the marketing materials and agent library, you will be given lead generation support and professional training.

Earn Lifetime Residuals


TouchSuite allows our agents to sign more accounts, make more money and lower their attrition. We offer lifetime residuals, no minimums and highly competitive commission schedules.

TouchSuite Offers:

  • Merchant Processing Solutions
  • Same-Day Boarding
  • Fast POS Deployment & Training
  • Next-Day Funding
  • US-Based Customer Service
  • Access to Marketing Materials
  • Agent Library
  • Cash Advances
  • Agent Portal
  • Statement Analysis
  • Sales Webinars & Training
  • Portfolio Purchases and Credit Facilities
  • Proprietary Marketing Solutions

What We Do:

  • State-of-the-art Point of Sale Solutions
  • Technology that Syncs with QuickBooks
  • Recurring Payments & Online Billing
  • EMV Chip Card Technology
  • Apple Pay & Google Wallet Acceptance
  • Gift Card and Loyalty Programs
  • Search Engine Optimization Platforms

We’ll get you on the right path to help you achieve your financial goals.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 800-793-3250 ext. 1376 and become a TouchSuite Agent today!

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