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B2B Payment Solutions

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The Processing Trap

Chances are, you’re in it. 

Interchange rates, that’s where we start. 

Working with B2B companies, we realized that every other bank and processor were categorizing and charging those companies the same way they would standard retailers or e-commerce stores. This traps B2B companies into the wrong pricing structure with the wrong fees and rates. As experts in B2B payment processing, we realized that correcting this simple issue saves B2B companies thousands of dollars per year

Because of the high use of business, purchasing and rewards cards there are ways to dramatically improve the rates that sign companies clear. We are not just trying to cut costs like every other processor, we are actually clearing the transactions at lower interchange levels which lead to material change. 

We ensure that our customers are getting the right rates for the business. With just a quick 15-minute rate analysis our payment specialists can analyze your current rate and let you know if these savings are available to you. 


Sign Manufacturer Savings Analysis

The savings below came from one of your competitors. Switching is a fast and easy process. 

Annual Savings
5-Year Savings
Correctly adjusting the interchange rates saved this company $8,000 a month.

How it Works

As a B2B business, you accept credit cards from corporate customers not direct from consumers. We will correctly structure your account to improve your savings. 

This sign manufacturing business was able to bring in over $8,000 a month in savings after the simple process of switching to TouchSuite.

Rate optimization saves you money a few different ways:

  • Reductions of fees and rates
  • Reduction in effective rates
  • Net savings increase
  • Interchange discount


Processing Requirements

Payment Processing Level 2 & 3 Data

Level 2 Processing

Level 2 data is used to process business card, corporate card and purchase card transactions. In order to process Level 2 data, information used in Level 1 sales is entered along with tax information. Although additional data fields are required they are typically easier to input when compared to Level 3 data.

Level 2 Requirements
1. Standard Credit Card Information
2. Merchant Name
3. Sales Tax
4. Customer Code or Invoice Number

Level 3 Processing

Level 3 Processing is used in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) transactions to help large corporations monitor spending by capturing additional line-item details. Utilizing the extra data offers a significant amount of savings on interchange rates for transactions.

Level 3 Requirements
1. Standard Credit Card Information
2. Merchant Name
3. Merchant State Code
4. Sales Tax
5. Customer Code or Invoice Number
6. Shipping Amount
7. Duty Amount
8. Line Item Details:

o Product / Service ID (item id)
o Product/ Service Description
o Quantity
o Item Amount
o Unit of Measure

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Great benefits for your business.

You get more than just lower rates.

Free Payment Hardware
Qualified merchants are able to receive free processing equipment and hardware packages.

Low Payment Processing Rates
In addition to finding the best rates for your business type and size, TouchSuite will meet-or-beat any competitors processing rates.

Next Day Funding
Speed up your cash flow with our next day funding options. Gaining quick access to capital is critical to developing your business.

All Payment Types, All Networks
You should never have to say no to a customers payment. With our cutting-edge equipment, you can accept credit cards, mobile payments, checks and everything else they might throw at you.

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Easy to set up.

Securely process payments.

Inside the merchant console, users can process transactions, manage batches, track customers and products, create invoices, run reports and more!

The dashboard keeps merchants up to date with maintenance updates, software releases and other announcements.

New Order
The dashboard keeps merchants up to date with maintenance updates, software releases and other announcements.

Batch Manager
All successful debit and credit card transactions are stored inside the batch manager. Detailed breakdowns of transactions are found here.

Watch USA ePay Demo and learn how to set it up in order to have safe and secure payment solution for all your business needs!

Console Screenshots

New Order Form
Order Details Screen
Customer Details Screen
Payment Details Screen
Batch Manager
Batch Detailed Breakdown
Pre-Made Transaction Reports
DashboardNew Order FormOrder Details ScreenCustomer Details ScreenPayment Details ScreenBatch ManagerBatch Detailed BreakdownPre-Made Transaction Reports

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“Glad I made the switch!”


TouchSuite got my sign manufacturing business saving over $8,000 per month in unnecessary fees. The first call took only twenty minutes and I was completely switched over to their platform in about a week. Their team has been great and very responsive in making sure that all of our payments continued to process correctly.”

Jeff Cohen of Signage Group Inc.

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