Banks, Franchisors & Services Providers

Banks, Franchisors & Business Services Providers

No one wants to try to compete without the benefit of a full line of products and services to offer.  At the same time, it’s difficult to have every base covered when you go to market.  That’s why complementing your core business with a Strategic Partnership makes so much sense.

Whether you are a Community Bank looking to offer Merchant Services to your customers and prospects, a Franchisor wanting to incorporate an electronic payment component to your franchisee start-up configuration, or a Specialized Business whose product or service offering would be more compelling and “sticky” with the addition of payment capabilities, TouchSuite is interested in exploring ways for us to work together.

Agent Banks

Community Banks play a key role in today’s business landscape.  However, while they excel in offering personalized services and have a deeper knowledge of the local market, they often lack the full range of products and services to compete with the national behemoths.  TouchSuite can close this gap and:

·       Provide a full range of electronic payment services to help you secure and retain new business

·       Generate significant revenue through a generous referral and residual commission stream

Franchisor Model

It’s well known that the best franchises are the ones that do the best job of ensuring a consistent customer experience for the brand.  As a result, many franchisors go to great lengths to ensure that every detail is considered when they develop their franchise model and oversee the roll-out of new locations.  Why not include a standardized payment hardware and software platform as part of that solution?  Benefits of incorporating TouchSuite’s electronic payment capabilities into your franchise template include:

·       Uniform processes

·       Better pricing based on volume discounts

·       Standardized reporting, with easily generated store, territory, region and global reports

·       Additional revenue for the Franchisor through residual commission streams

Business Service Providers

If you are in the business of providing B2B services, you know that focusing solely on providing the lowest price to your customers can result in low margins and frequent churn as there’s almost always a lower price to be had.  To generate a more loyal customer base – and improve your margins – you understand the importance of offering added value.  TouchSuite’s referral and residual Partnership offering helps you add value to your business as well as that of our customers by:

·       Offering great pricing based on volume discounts across the customer base

·       Providing supplemental income to your business through referral and residual commissions.

The following Case Studies showcase some recent examples of the Strategic Partnership solutions outlined above.

Let’s Talk

If you are:

·       An Agent Bank

·       A Franchisor or a Franchise Reseller

·       A B2B Business Service Provider

·       A Consultant to any of the above

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a mutually beneficial Agent or Affiliate agreement

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