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Behind the Scenes with SEO Expert, Clayton Gravely

TownTarget is an outstanding marketing program. It’s typically geared towards small and medium sized, local businesses. TownTarget helps to make a business more visible online by raising their Google profile. Showing up on the first page of Google search results will generate more sales for the client. However, what if your client owns a small chain or a larger regional chain?

We sat down with Clayton Gravely, TouchSuite’s TownTarget expert, and asked him about presenting this service to owners of multiple locations.

TouchSuite: We typically think of TownTarget as a marketing tool for “mom and pops” businesses. Does TownTarget also work for businesses with more than one location?

Clayton: “Yes! TownTarget works great for “mom and pops”, as you know, but it has proven to work even before for businesses with multiple locations. We are working with clients with 5-50 locations. We’re able to optimize each location as its own, separate entity. We are able to achieve these great results for larger companies because we use the exact same process as we do for single locations, just on a grander sale.”

TouchSuite: What about regional or national chains? Can TownTarget help to optimize these businesses too?

Clayton: “Our largest client has 250 locations all across the United States and 230 out of the 250 had outstanding results. Each optimized website created a “cleaner profile” for Google and allowed each location to feed off each other. This shows the search engines that the company is the real deal and people need to know about them when searched for.”

TouchSuite: What’s the main difference between TownTarget and other SEO programs?

Clayton: The main difference between TownTarget and other SEO services is the combination of the technology and the knowledge of our TownTarget team. The technology was developed and is constantly tweaked to follow Google’s SEO guidelines, combine that with the TownTarget team members’ knowledge of the “science” of SEO and that makes for a product that is uniquely and effectively different from our competitors. Also we do it for much, much less!

To learn more information about TownTarget, please click here.

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