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Benefits of Owning TouchSuite’s Restaurant Point of Sale System

As a restaurant owner, you want to make sure that your clients come back, and in order to do so, we highly recommend using a POS system. TouchSuite’s restaurant point of sale system allows restaurant owners to track cash flow, food inventory, sales and can even help by simplifying bookkeeping. The POS system is essential for any restaurant business because of the high volume of consumers who are paying with cash and credit cards. Not only does our restaurant point of sale system track every penny throughout all of your sales, but many point of sale programs act, such as ours, act as credit card processors, payroll trackers, inventory calculators and more.

Simplifying Communication

A major benefit of using our restaurant point of sale software is that it makes communication between the kitchen and the staff much simpler and quicker. Orders go through the restaurant’s computer which are directly sent to the kitchen staff, decreasing the chances of any sort of miscommunications. TouchSuite is designed to walk staff through the order process, increase accuracy, efficiency and overall, the speed of service.


Another major benefit of TouchSuite’s restaurant point of sale system is that it has the ability to track everything that is going on in your business whether it may be inventory or payroll. Our point of sale system is able to monitor the amount of food each restaurant has in stock. The POS system is also able to notify employees if any item on the menu is no longer available. By being able to track inventory, it helps restaurants keep their costs low as well as reduce spoilage of the food. Furthermore, with TouchSuite’s restaurant point of sale system, you have the ability to track your customer’s spending, offering coupons, discounts and rewards based on their spending habits and keep in contact with them on a regular basis through the use of direct marketing. With all that being said, by having TouchSuite’s point of sale system in your restaurant, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and a lot of money.

Separate Checks

TouchSuite’s restaurant point of sale system can easily facilitate the splitting of checks for large parties. When this is done by hand, splitting checks can take a long time and often winds up leading to a miscalculation, leaving customers unsatisfied and less likely to come back to your business.

Keep it Simple with TouchSuite

By Using our restaurant POS system, you will not only add credibility to your business, but also simplify your daily tasks. TouchSuite’s restaurant point of sale software is the simplest tool that will bring the most success to your business. Although purchasing a point of sale software often seems to be on the costly side, equipment can be leases for minimal amounts and savings from credit card processing may end up even paying for the equipment purchased. Business owners are gaining many substantial benefits that will improve customer satisfaction and will ultimately increase your everyday sales exponentially.

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