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Can We Tell You Why GRUBBRR Is So Special?

The power of social media, AI, and digital tools is rapidly reshaping businesses in all verticals. Even though the restaurant industry would not seem in need of high-tech tools, it is not immune to this trend. If you are not incorporating innovations into your restaurant, you may already be behind your competition.

Most restaurants, 81 percent to be exact, have already installed a Point of Sale (POS) system to keep track of sales and process credit cards, and approximately 40 percent offer online ordering. But that’s not all. Touch-screen kiosks are a game-changer in the industry. Let’s take a quick look at why GRUBBER, the first affordable self-ordering kiosk is a great choice for quick-service and fast-food restaurants.

Reduce Customer Wait Time

Even customers who are hesitant at first come to enjoy the shorter lines and reduced wait times available when using a self-ordering kiosk. The majority of customers would rather order from the kiosk than wait in line. With GRUBBRR, you can customize your kiosk to make your customer’s experience unique and in line with your brand. External hardware color and logo placement are just two of the ways your kiosk can be customized.

Increase Employee Happiness

Unhappy employees result in poor customer service and high turnover rates. These high turnover rates and subpar customer service have become hallmarks of quick-service and fast-food restaurants. Not to mention the expense of continually replacing staff. Interactive, easy-to-use self-service kiosks can benefit the working environment, freeing up employees to do more satisfying tasks. Satisfaction with work is one of the best ways to keep your best employees.

Increase in Average Check Amount

Less ordering time, increased order accuracy, and effective upselling are just a few of the ways a self-serve kiosk can increase sales. Research has shown that customers order more when they use a touch-screen kiosk. Attractive, highly detailed images, pre-programmed upsell messaging, and the ability to customize their own orders are just a few of the reasons why average check amounts are higher with GRUBBRR.

Increase Order Accuracy

Receiving the wrong order is one of the main complaints restaurant customers have. It’s easy to see why. If the order is wrong, not only do customers have to wait until they get the right order to eat, their dining companions finish before they do. This can create a negative dining experience and keep people from returning. With GRUBBRR, customers get exactly what they ordered.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Shorter lines and increased order accuracy are just two of the ways a touch-screen kiosk can create customer loyalty. People like to return to restaurants they know will give them fast service and deliver exactly what they ordered. GRUBBRR does more with automated promotions, customer facial recognition, and loyalty programs, such as customized offers, that will improve customer loyalty and return visits.

There are so many restaurants out there these days that it is crucial to differentiate yourself from your competition. A self-service kiosk can help you stand out from the crowd, especially if you are among the first to implement cutting-edge technology.

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