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Capture Customer Data & Grow Your Business with SurfSocial

We all know that in today’s business world, capturing customer data is one of the key ingredients to successfully growing a business and increasing consumer market share. SurfSocial is a unique marketing tool that provides a much needed service to a merchant’s clients, while simultaneously providing valuable customer info to a business owner.

  • SurfSocial enables guests visiting participating restaurants, salons, day spas, and other retail establishments to access free WI-FI. Customers that are able to connect their devices to a free network are much more likely to stay in the location longer, spend more and report a better overall customer experience. Business owners no longer have to worry about giving “guest” access passwords out to their clients, potentially putting their network safety at risk.
  • SurfSocial allows business owners to create marketing programs targeted directly at their customers. Once a guest logs into the SurfSocial network, email addresses and social media profiles are captured. These guest lists can be exported into MailChimp, Movylo, Constant Contact and other customer database programs. Business owners can send offers, special discounts and emails encouraging their customers to return
  • SurfSocial provides the hardware and a customized splash page that customers and prospective clients will see when they first log in. Business owners can promote sales items, social media pages, specialty apps or their website, all of which can drive clients to “like” their social media pages, increasing their online visibility and presence.
  • SurfSocial collects important demographic and usage data so that business owners can truly understand who their clients are and provide the products, programs and services that those clients are looking for. The dashboard reporting shows which types of devices were used to connect, how long clients stayed connected, and age and gender demographics.

SurfSocial provides free Wi-Fi access, creates a better customer experience, uncovers who is visiting a business and generates more interest and positively impacts sales.