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Why Hiring Change Agents Can Make a Big Difference in Your Business

There are many different ways you could run your business more effectively, but one of the most obvious is to hire the best people. Skilled workers are important, but sometimes you need something more than skills; you need change agents.

What are Change Agents?

Change agents are the men and women who, through their actions, can institute changes in the workplace. They’re catalysts which can alter culture, morale, and the work ethic of a business for the better. There are different kinds of change agents, but two of the best examples you might find in your workplace are teachers and activists.

The Teacher

The teacher may be a coach, a trainer, or an actual teacher. This individual’s job is to run programs that teach skills to employees, and through this transfer of knowledge to shape how those employees act. Teachers impart skills, but at the same time they also set an example of professionalism and help mold the understanding of those in the workplace. Good teachers can create competent professionals, while bad teachers can cause miscommunication, resentment, and bring down morale.

The Activist

Some positions in the workplace, like the teacher, create change as a by-product of their jobs. These men and women set the standard. The activist sets out to create change based on an agenda. Activists are people who will research a problem and then try to find a way that the problem can be resolved that benefits everyone. A manager might survey employees regarding morale and find that while more wages would be appreciated things like a lessened dress code or better communication from higher-ups would make work easier. Said manager could bring those concerns to those higher up in the company, and then work to find middle ground where the company gets a harder-working force, and where workers feel valued and appreciated.

Agents of Change

There are a lot of different ways to bring change to your workplace. It’s important to remember though that just because there are nine different kinds of agents that doesn’t mean one person can’t embody more than one style of change. It’s entirely possible for someone to be both a teacher and an activist, for instance. So before you try and change your workplace, ask what the best way for you to be an agent of change is.