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Chief Home Officer, January 2016

Home Office Cash Flow: Staying in Pursuit of Foldin’ Money

“Will that be plastic or paper?”

I have several clients who pay within days or weeks of invoicing (we love them). I have some clients whose check often arrives between 30-40 days. Then there’s one who’s practically begged me to take credit cards so she can pay me the day my invoice arrives (others offer expedited payment for a few percentage points off the bill. I try not to bite on that offer, but it’s a personal decision). This week, I’ve reached out to payment processing and technology provider TouchSuite regarding its ReCharge product. Ideal for the small business that invoices less frequently but with bigger ticket items, it could be an ideal solution to speed up cash flow. So, ask your clients if they’ll take credit cads. You might be surprised who prefers plastic over paper.

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