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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Salon Owners

With much thought, deliberation and hard work, you’ve finally launched your dream salon. Or perhaps your salon has been open for many years. While salons are constantly entering this thriving and competitive industry, many don’t know how to utilize available resources and their customer base to attract new business for long term results. Here are five simple ways to set your salon up for marketing success by building a loyal clientele that will turn profit for your salon business.

1. Send direct mail to new homeowners and renters in your neighborhood

Even though many marketing efforts have shifted online, people still enjoy receiving mail. It’s personal, physical, and local. Direct mail can be even more effective when someone is new to the neighborhood. They’re looking for the best deals on restaurants, cable services, and salon stylists. It’s a simple way to attract new business right in your community.

2. Post pictures of your best work and happiest customers on social media

Images on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are engaging when they are thoughtful, eye-catching and most of all, relevant. By sharing photos of customers enjoying your salon and services, potential clients will view you as being trustworthy. In addition, your current clients will like seeing themselves, friends, or family at your salon. It promotes customer recognition while making you attractive to new business.

3. Make sure you’re registered in all online local directories

It seems fairly simple, because it is. By registering your business across all information directories (e.g. Google, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare), you’ll help customers find your salon faster and easier. Registering your salon in local directories can increase brand recognition and give your salon a more complete online presence. There are hundreds of online directories, so don’t limit your listings. It only takes a few minutes to fill out, and many of them are free!

4. Create a unique referral program

There are lots of examples of customer referral programs. But to get the most out of a referral system, the incentive must be enough to motivate the loyal referrer as well as the new customer being referred. The most important goal is to build your clientele. With a reliable POS system like Lightning Register, you can easily track your referral program by designating them in your client database.

5. Use a POS system with Marketing Capabilities

Use your time efficiently so you don’t have to be bogged down with marketing and social media. With Lightning Register‘s ability to capture customer email addresses directly from the system, you can build powerful email and social media marketing lists to generate repeat business. As a salon manager, you can promote your stylists’ work and show your audience their unique hairstyles, cool makeup or fun nail artwork which can help the growth of your salon.