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How Digital Ordering Allows Customers to Make Nonjudgmental Choices

With the dawn of the digital age, where small hand-held devices control more of our lives than ever before, the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) industry and its customer have refused to be left in the dust.

Technology in QSR

QSR restaurants are constantly updating and expanding upon the technology they introduce into their businesses. From electric menus to online menus, the industry is determined to continue to modernize.

Similarly, customers of all ages and backgrounds are leaning into the technological advancements that most QSR restaurants are making. In fact, a Bouncepad-commission survey of 1,000 U.S. customers found that almost 70 percent of QSR customers companies to use technology as a means of improving their QSR experiences.

Technology Encourages Customer Loyalty

However, particularly with Millennial and Generation Z customers, QSR businesses have had trouble retaining customer loyalty, and have therefore been trying to leverage technology and apps to remedy the lack of sustainable customer loyalty. In fact, a Bouncepad-commissioned survey found that nearly 70% of respondents wanted QSR businesses to incorporate more technology in order to improve customer experiences with fast food and fast casual restaurants.

Self-Service Kiosks Are the New Remedy

Studies show that there was a 30 percent increase in consumer spending when customers ordered through self-service kiosks. Self-service kiosks are set up perfectly to naturally up-sell and cross-sell to customers and naturally increase revenue. However, beyond simply increasing individual sales, self-service kiosks can also help remedy some of the problems that contribute to the general lack of customer loyalty seen with most QSR businesses.

Kiosks Boost Convenience

Even more so than cost, one of the first things that QSR customers seek out is convenience. Value menus, for example, are a practice that has stood the test of time and are consistently popular among customers for the convenient way they highlight customer favorites.

Self-service kiosks can perform similar functions but at a higher level. Kiosks can be synced up with existing customer loyalty apps to work in conjunction with currently existing technology. That way, instead of just relying on value menus that highlight trending customer favorites, kiosks can personalize the ordering experience by conveniently highlighting personalized favorite items for each customer.

Kiosks Create a More Involved Atmosphere

Another aspect of QSR businesses that has a surprisingly significant impact on customer loyalty and experience is the restaurant atmosphere. The impression that a customer has of a particular restaurant oftentimes starts far before that customer even looks at the menu.

Self-service kiosks can drastically change the restaurant environment of a QSR restaurant from the way it usually exists in the status quo. In fact, there is high demand now from customers seeking restaurants that will use self-service kiosks to allow customers to do things like watch videos, shop online, play games, or just surf the web.

Having a system of ordering that also moves the ordering process from counters to the table can encourage customers to order more and allow diners to settle into place knowing that they will have the dining experience they desire absent having to interrupt their time having to travel back and forth to the counter if they want to order more food.

Kiosks Elevate the Level of Customer Service

Furthermore, the use of self-service kiosks also allows for there to be more opportunity for QSR employees to focus their energy on doing more customer-service oriented jobs. Even just the presence of more technology in a restaurant can indicate that that restaurant is in with the times and keeping up with society’s best available services for catering to humanity. All these effects are indicators of the potential for the introduction of self-service kiosks in QSRs to potentially shift the mood and climate of a restaurant.

The QSR industry is uniquely situated to require businesses to constantly be updating their business models in order to stay ahead of the competition. If restaurants want to stay ahead of the curve, looking to self-service kiosks may just be the answer.

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