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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Terminal to Poynt

The Poynt smart terminal is the next evolution in business technology. There’s a ton of great reasons why a merchant should upgrade their terminal to Poynt smart terminal, but today we are going to discuss 5 of Poynt’s best features.

  1. New Payment Technologies: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, NFC, EMV chip debit/ credit cards are just some of the new payment technologies increasing in popularity every day. Why not upgrade to a payment terminal that can easily accept all of these payment types and then some – a future proof terminal.
  2. Reporting: Don’t just stop at hardware that can accept all payments. Consider a platform that can extract important transactional/ demographic data, then analyze that data, and ultimately provide actionable insights and recommendations that can power your future business activities and decisions.
  3. EMV/Chip Card Compliant: The migration to EMV presevents an opportunity for merchants to rethink the technology they use so it meets the new EMV standards and protects both their customers and themselves against fraud. The best way to future-proof their stores, and to ensure they aren’t forced to constantly upgrade their hardware or software with every new innovative payment method, is to invest in a Poynt system featuring Lightning Register.
  4. Built to Grow: The Poynt smart terminal integrates with cash registers, cash drawers, scales, ticket printers, scanners, and other peripherals. Built on the open Android platform enables us to add new devices that make sense for your business. There is a growing list of accessories that have been certified to work with the Poynt smart terminal.

Want to learn more about Lightning Register on Poynt? Go to to learn more.