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Free Wi-Fi for Your Customers

SurfSocial is a marketing tool powered by TouchSuite for business owners to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers. Some benefits business owners get from using SurfSocial are: (1) building customer loyalty, (2) marketing to new and existing customers and (3) developing customer email list and social media demographics for powerful marketing tactics.

Shoppers these days expect to be offered access to free and fast Wi-Fi and if your business doesn’t offer this then you could potentially be losing traffic to your store. Consumers love to be on their mobile devices and stay connected online to allow them to constantly check on updates and messages. In fact, 70% of consumers in-store have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket, 90% of people have a mobile device in reach 100% of the time and 67% of smartphone users check for messages without being notified.

How does SurfSocial work? Connecting to SurfSocial is easy and hassle-free to guarantee your visitors have a pleasant experience at your store. The first step a customer would take to connect to your Wi-Fi is select your free SurfSocial Wi-Fi gateway from their list of networks on their mobile device. Once a customer has selected your Wi-Fi gateway, guests are sent to a splash page; there, you can offer them specials or coupons. The customer then logs in by entering their email address or with their preferred social media account and they are all set. Once the customer has joined your free and secured Wi-Fi network, business owners are able to gain insights about the guest such as email address, birthday, age, gender, location and more.

What makes SurfSocial so great is all the powerful marketing features that it offers. The detailed dashboard, ability to implement rewards and loyalty programs, the capacity to quickly create email lists, send out automated email marketing, and increase social media presence are only some benefits to SurfSocial. To get more details and information about this amazing smart Wi-Fi product, go to


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