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GRUBBRR™ is the Best Self-Service Kiosk System

GRUBBRR™ makes the perfect self-service kiosk point of sale system for any small to medium sized business looking to optimize their business operations. The GRUBBRR™ kiosk system is suitable for many kinds of business types such as restaurants, retail stores, stadiums, movie theaters, concerts, food trucks, and hospitals. If your business is losing money and potential new customers due to long customer wait times, then GRUBBRR™ is the solution!

There are multiple benefits the GRUBBRR™ self-service kiosk system has to offer business owners. With GRUBBRR™, business owners can dramatically shorten customer lines. Studies show that if the line to order at the counter is longer than five people, 64% of customers will leave! 80% of customers would choose to order from a self-service kiosk, rather than wait in line. Business owners can also see an increase in larger ticket sizes leading to more revenue. Customers are more comfortable taking time when they are self-ordering. Big chains, such as McDonald’s, saw an average 30% increase in spending at kiosks versus at the counter.

An additional benefit includes improvement in order accuracy. With GRUBBRR™ self-service kiosk systems, customers are reassured that they will receive what they ordered, exactly how they ordered it without potential human error. One in seven orders at fast-casual establishments come out wrong, half of those inaccuracies happen during order input. The improvement in complete and accurate orders generates an increase in customer happiness, which in turn leads to an increase in customer loyalty. GRUBBRR™ also provides an automated loyalty promotion program that drives customer return frequency.

Business owners can now get a GRUBBRR™ self-service kiosk for as low as $299/month including a 30-day risk-free trial! Once the system is ordered, it can be up and running in as little as 48 hours. Grubbrr promises quick configuration and easy setup, 24-hour support and an experience that customers will enjoy returning to time and time again. Visit to schedule a demo today!


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