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Quick Service – Cafes – Restaurant – Retail – Hospitality


Self Service Automation


Reduce Customer Wait Time

If the line to order at the counter is longer than 5 people, 64% of customers will leave! 80% of customers would choose to order from the kiosk, rather than wait in line.

Improve Customer Loyalty

GRUBBRR does the work for business owners with automated promotions, customer recognition with facial recognition and loyalty programs that will drive customer loyalty and return frequency.

Increase Order Accuracy

Ensure customers receive exactly what they order and keep track of valuable use data with digital precision and integration with back of house systems.

Increase Sales

Research shows that QSR customers are more responsive to up-sells when they see large, attractive, highly detailed images, and have the ability to control their order customizations.

GRUBBRR Self Ordering Kiosks

GRUBBRR Point of Sale

Stationary POS


Menu Management

Easily manage and view which menu items to display in the point of sale backend with easy selection tool.

Staff Management

Easily clock in, clock out, manage staff roles, total hours, shifts and access summary reports.

Table Management

Easily manage tables such as availability status, transfer servers, transfer orders and merge.

Customer Management

Save customer information including date of birth, email, phone, name address and easily apply promos.

Portable POS

Secure Payment

With tableside ordering, cards are charged right in front of the customer. Cards never leave the table, giving the customer peace of mind.

Increased Speed

As orders are keyed in at the table the system instantly syncs with the kitchen display, notifying back of house to begin working on the order.

Enhance Accuracy

Get rid of the guesswork involved with handwritten ticket orders. Orders are keyed into the portable tablet POS, making sure customers receive what they order every single time.

Line Busting

Long lines turn diners away from your business. Conveniently take orders from the handheld device and bust through lines, especially during peak hours


GRUBBRR Point of Sale

Kitchen Display System

Simplified Back of House


Improve Accuracy

Eliminate the inaccuracies of paper tickets and keep up with real time orders through a brightly lit kitchen display screen

Optimize Efficiency

Prioritize orders. Easily let your staff know which orders need to be completed first by automatically routing orders into the appropriate queue.

Track Fulfillment Time  

Stay on top order fulfillment times and ensure customers are served on time. Track how long staff takes to fulfill an order from start to end.

Improve Inventory Tracking

Prevent ingredient shortages. Automatically monitor inventory levels and receive alerts when items are running low or out of stock.

Online Ordering

Convenient Pickup & Delivery

Customer Demand for Online Ordering

With online ordering growing 300 percent faster than dine-in-traffic, offering a more convenient way of ordering enables you to cater to diners on the go.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Keep up with the online ordering trend. Diners are increasingly looking for easy access to reliable, convenient and user-friendly online ordering experiences.

Increase Revenue Stream

Take the pressure off ordering. Entice your diners to order more than they normally would in person by enabling them to conveniently place orders, from anywhere and anytime.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate order errors. Give your diners complete control over their order and focus on streamlining operational efficiencies.



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