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POS Management System

Take Complete Control of Your Business


GRUBBRR POS is everything you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently. Our POS solution leverages a number of management tools that help you stay on top of business operations. Using cloud-based technology, you can manage menu items, review sales data, track customer behavior and gain access to custom reporting -anywhere, any time.

Point of Sale Features


Menu Management

Easily manage and view which menu items to display in the point of sale backend with easy selection tool.


Staff Management

Easily clock in, clock out, manage staff roles, total hours, shifts and access summary reports.


Table Management

Easily manage tables such as availability status, transfer servers, transfer orders and merge.


Customer Management

Save customer information including date of birth, email, phone, name address and easily apply promos.

Accept More Payments


Payments Accepted

Accept EMV chip & PIN, magstripe, and NFC payments.


Digital Receipts

Offer digital receipts for customer’s with email option.


Apply Discounts

Apply a discount to the customer’s order total.


Extra Charges

Apply an extra charge manually to customer’s order total.

Portable Tablet POS

Pay at the Table


Portable POS Benefits

Secure Payment

With tableside ordering, cards are charged right in front of the customer. Cards never leave the table, giving the customer peace of mind.

Increase Speed

As orders are keyed in at the table the system instantly syncs with the kitchen display, notifying back of house to begin working on the order.

Enhance Accuracy

Get rid of the guesswork involved with handwritten ticket orders. Orders are keyed into the portable tablet POS, making sure customers receive what they order every single time.

Line Busting

Long lines turn diners away from your business. Conveniently take orders from the handheld device and bust through lines, especially during peak hours.

Server Knowledge

Servers have quick access to all the ingredients and components in each meal, enabling them to provide answers to any food or prep questions customers may have.

Upsells & Specials

Keep daily specials and upsells top of mind. Specials and upsell reminders are pushed directly to the tablet POS, making it easier than ever to enhance the dining experience.


Take control of your business.

Real-Time Reporting & Administration

Manage daily business practices, employees, reporting, input/output, sales, analytics and customer loyalty in a completely digital, cloud-based atmosphere.


24/7 Reporting
Your dashboard is available from your personal device or cell phone. 

Customer Data
Learn who your customers are with advanced customer analytics. 

Multi-Location Reporting
Compare the health of your business across multiple locations.

Advanced Analytics
See the full picture of your business and how it is operating. 


Improve your bottom line with GRUBRR

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