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GRUBBRR™ – The First Affordable Self-Service Kiosk

The same self-service kiosk technology offered by giant chains like McDonalds and Panera Bread is now available to businesses of all sizes. Self-ordering brings diners a frictionless order and checkout process. With GRUBBRR™, we are enabling small to medium sized businesses to join the future of the restaurant industry, today!

The GRUBBRR™ lineup includes self-service kiosks, point-of-sale systems, mobile ordering solutions, and online ordering tools. GRUBBRR™ kiosks automatically upsell customers and typically increases ticket sizes by 30%. In addition to an increase in ticket sizes, these strategically placed kiosks reduce customer wait times and speed up throughput, resulting in an increase in customer loyalty.

This platform gives customers complete control over their order experience and eliminates order inaccuracies. GRUBBRR™ supports multiple languages and in the near future, will integrate facial recognition to facilitate the customer ordering process and support payment by hand gestures/motions.

Play the video below to see demo and benefits!

To get started with GRUBBRR™, schedule a demo today!