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Why should I buy a kiosk?
  • Faster service
  • Increased order size and sales
  • Upselling
  • Customization
  • Increased order accuracy
What's the setup process?

During the signup process we request a copy of your menu with any additional modifiers that you would like to add to the system. In addition to this we request PNG transparent background images for the kiosk.

After these are received our experts upload the menu and buildout a custom User Interface (UI) within 72 hours of receiving these items you will see your first proof, after any additional requests are made we will have the final product ready within 48 hours of the final proof being approved.

The best part about this setup is that down the road if you have any changes that you want to make you are able to simply upload or edit these menu items in your backend within just a few clicks!

How easy is it to install?

Our self install kits come with everything you need to start accepting orders right out of the box! Simply plug in the kiosk or point of sale, connect it to internet and start processing payments within seconds.

Will it work with my current POS?

We work with a large number of POS systems, and are currently working on even more integrations. Full list coming soon.

How do I operationalize this system?

We suggest utilizing our entire platform. This way your point of sale, kiosk, online ordering platform, digital menu boards and table tablets all speak to one another. By automating as many processes as possible we help you focus on what matters your customer experience.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Self-Service Kiosks?

Almost any business can benefit from a self-service kiosk. Interactive maps, self-serve airline tickets, and self-checkout at supermarkets have made self-service a commonplace. But self-service kiosks aren’t just for payment points or check-ins.

Any situation that can be handled more efficiently can benefit from self-service. Whether it’s saving time on line at a fast food or fast casual restaurant or taking charge of their own orders tableside, customers are increasingly accepting self-ordering kiosks.

With GRUBBRR there is reduced potential for mistakes, as customers can make their own requests and add their own information. Placing customers in the driver’s seat, making them feel in control about what to expect.

What if I have a problem?
Support is our #1 feature! Knowing that someone is there 24/7 to assist you with hardware, software or payment issues is quite the relief. However here at GRUBBRR we actually have crash analytics built into our system. This allows us to know if you internet is down, receipt printer is running low on paper or any issues that may present themselves as soon as they happen.
From here we call that location to walk them through getting the system back online. Best part is that GRUBBRR has an offline mode that still allows you to accept orders, even payments by utilizing a backup sim card tied to a 4G broadband network.
How do I update menu items, pictures and prices?
This is done in our easy to use administrator backend. [ Videos coming soon ]
What if the kiosk breaks or defects?
We will replace your GRUBBRR kiosk for no extra cost to you.
Can it take cash?
Our solution for cash acceptance is simple. At the kiosk you have the option to pay with card or cash. If you select the cash option the cashier at the pos can open the ticket and accept your payment prior to either sending the order to the kitchen or handing the customer their food.
What if I have no internet?
Our platform works seamlessly online and offline. We have a failover option that can process your credit cards in real time through a backup LTE network instead of store and forward.
Can you process EMV and NFC payments like Apple Pay?

We currently support all Dip, Tap and Swipe payments (EMV, Mobile Pay, MSR)

Can I run custom reports?

All reports can be run in the backend with a click of a button. You can run reports based on sales, employees, items, inventory and customers.

Where should I install the kiosk?

Our Merchant Success Managers are more than happy to scope out your location to assist with placement of the kiosk. We recommend a place to interrupt the line so that the kiosk can fulfill orders while your cashiers are taking orders at the POS.