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Clover® Station

Smarter. Stronger. Secure.

This powerful station is the new backbone of your operation. Best suited for full-service restaurants, large retail stores, bars & clubs and quick service restaurants

Clover Station 2018 Features

Powerful POS Management

User friendly interface
Cashiers can start taking orders with minimal training—get up and running fast.

Robust inventory support
Categories, labels, modifiers and variants let you build orders fast and track sales later.

No room for theft
With permissions management and a PIN for each employee, you’re always protected.

Fully-featured payments
Tax, discounts, loyalty rewards and gift cards are just a tap away.

Rich Analytics to Grow

Be in the know
Clover dashboard lets you keep an eye on sales, track inventory, and oversee all aspects of your business.

In the cloud
Cloud accessible data means you can handle your business from any internet connected device.

Insights at your fingertips
Harness your sales data to uncover buying patterns and take a smarter approach to marketing.

Unique business solutions
The Clover App Market offers specialized Apps to extend your business capabilities.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Keep your customer list in order
Manage your patron’s contact info as well as their marketing preferences, so you can engage with them how they prefer.

Turn customers into repeat customers
Once your customers are in the Clover system, you can send out real-time promos by email and text message.

Happy customers come back
Create a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes—absolutely free, no strings attached.

Be the eyes and ears of your business
Get customer feedback sent directly to your inbox so you can hear privately what’s on their minds.

Apps for Clover Station


Brushed aluminum with white glass accents
Magnetic-stripe, EMV chip, and contactless payments (Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®)
Base plate 11.0" x 7.5" Max. height from countertop to display top: 9"
PCI PTS 5.0 certified
14-inch Display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and patented swivel feature
Mobile processor with 8-cores; 4GB RAM, 16GB ROM
4 USB ports to connect peripherals, 2 Cash Drawer ports
Device & Hub: 5.0 lbs

Clover Station Accessories


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