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Introducing Poynt

Built to meet the highest PCI and EMV security requirements to ensure the ultimate protection for your business and customer’s information. With up to 8 hours of battery life and a built-in receipt printer, you are ready to take payments in line or at the table all day long!

Accept All Payment Types, Anywhere

NFC Payments





Poynt – EMV (1) (1)

Mobile Payments


Introducing Poynt HQ

Poynt HQ lets you manage your business where and when you like. View reports, real-time statistics, or setup a new user all via mobile, web, or on your terminal.

Stunning Performance. Brilliant Display.

Customer Facing Display
Customer Facing Display
Merchant Facing Display
Customer Facing DisplayMerchant Facing Display

Poynt Terminal Peripherals

USB Printers

  • TSP 143iiU
  • STAR TSP100
  • STAR TSP650
  • Esky POS-5870
  • mPOP

Wireless Printers

  • EPSON TM-m30
  • EPSON TM-U220B
  • STAR SP700
  • STAR TSP100

Cash Drawers

  • STAR SMD2-1317 + USB Trigger
  • STAR Model: 37965560 + USB Trigger
  • M-S Cash Drawer
  • CF-405-M-B + USB Trigger
  • SOLUX – SX-CD-100-RJ + USB Trigger
  • mPOP POP10-B1 – combination cash drawer/printer
  • APG Vasario
  • MMF ValuLine

USB/HID Barcode Scanner

  • Inatech BCST-20

Poynt Smart Terminal FAQs

What are the connectivity options in the Poynt Smart Terminal?

The device connects to Wifi and has optional 3G capability. It also comes with a dock that allows for USB connectivity as well as an Ethernet port.

What are the exact dimensions of the printer paper roll?

A printer paper roll of 2 1/4″ x 16′ fits the terminal well.

How mobile is the device?

The terminal is mobile and can move around your store. If you want to take orders while customers are waiting in line, take payments from curbside pickup or take it to the storeroom to do inventory you can do that. With a 3G/4G device, you can even take it on deliveries or to the farmer’s market.

How do I charge the device?

The battery is charged by plugging it in through the micro USB connection on the side of the device or resting it on the dock.

Which native apps come with the Poynt Smart Terminal?
  • Terminal – Process any quick card (MSR, EMV, NFC), cash, or check payments.
  • Register and Catalog – Personalize your Catalog with the products you sell and then create orders and process payments in Register.
  • Settlements – Settle your batches, view previous batches, and generate reports on your device.
  • Help App – Access user guides and perform diagnostics tests directly on your Smart Terminal.
What kind of printer paper works best for my Poynt Smart Terminal?

If you’d like to order more paper, you can purchase additional rolls on by searching for “Poynt paper rolls”. You can purchase them in packs of 5, 10, or 20.

Does the Poynt Smart Terminal accept credit card swiping?

Of course! And the Smart Terminal can accept PIN for pin-debit as well as Signature.

Which payment methods does Poynt accept?

The Smart Terminal can accept MSR, EMV, NFC, cash, check, and gift card payments. With an ever-evolving platform, the Poynt device is future-proof and can accept future payment methods.

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