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Helpful Tips to Grow your Bar Business by 20%!


POS Systems in the bar and nightclub industry are essential because alcohol sales bring in the majority of profits for businesses. Therefore, bar owners need to keep a close eye on their inventories. The best and easiest way for owners to track their inventory is by using a POS system. POS systems not only add drinks to existing tabs and save credit cards for tabs, but they also provide effective inventory tracking for bar owners. POS software makes this easy because once a bartender enters a drink into the system; its ingredients are removed from the bar’s inventory. So, when your business is using a POS System, owners will be able to keep a close eye on their inventory.


Ultimately, POS systems will help make bar owners ordering process quicker and more efficient. They have the ability to keep a long-term record of sales. This makes it easier for owners to forecast inventories and helps prepare the owner for times when they have a high demand for alcohol. This means that bar owners will never have to worry about running out of alcohol. Also, bar owners with POS Systems will not have to worry about being unprepared for a high volume times.


In addition, POS systems allow bar owners to see which drinks are the most popular and which drinks are not selling. This tells owners when to stop purchasing certain types of alcohol because it is not selling among the customers. In the end, POS software can save bar owners’ time and money. If you think about it, the money that owners will be saving by using a POS system and credit card processing will eventually pay for their POS equipment.


With TouchSuite’s POS system, liquor monitoring helps bar owners manage their business from sales of drinks to actual pours of drinks. Bar owners can manage how much their employees are pouring from every bar station in their establishment. Liquor monitoring provides owners with total visibility of all their liquor pours and inventory. TouchSuite’s POS software will help reduce your losses and help increase your profits.  We also offer cameras as an additional add on to your software.


Whether your run a small local pub or a large sports bar, POS systems are necessary in order to help run your business. TouchSuite provides the latest most effective and innovative POS software that will help you maximize your profits, while making your ordering and inventory tracking extremely quick and simple. To find out more about the benefits of TouchSuite’s POS software, visit our site: