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High Risk Payment Processing

Credit Repair


Don’t let liabilities slow your business down

Although the credit repair industry provides a necessary service for so many people, many credit processing firms will identify these companies as high-risk. The credit repair industry is faced with a higher rate of chargeback than most credit processing companies will accept. Due to this, credit processing will often avoid or blatantly decline credit repair companies their services. Due to the industry being labelled as high-risk, this can put a lot of strain on credit repair companies even if they are trustworthy.

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TouchSuite has your back

At TouchSuite, we are more than willing to take on the risk associated with providing our services to credit repair companies. We can help provide you with fantastic payment processing services because we are already aware of the stigma that surrounds your industry before taking you on as a client. We show our trust by offering our services with 1 hour setup turnaround with an easy application process. We believe in your company and the hardworking people that help it operate. Let TouchSuite provide you with affordable merchant accounts and payment processing so you can keep cashflows steady. 

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