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High Risk Payment Processing



Don’t let liabilities slow your business down

Hospitals can be categorized in the high-risk industries by many credit processing companies. Many financial institutions are opposed to working with hospitals to satisfy their payment processing needs because hospitals can be vulnerable due to their handling of personal patient information, time constraints, and compliance requirements. Rather than seeing the fundamental service you provide, many payment processing companies just see risk.

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At TouchSuite, we understand how vital your services are to our societies and are enthusiastic about helping with payment processing services. We know the reputational risk associated with your company and have extended experience working in high-risk industries. Avoid being taken advantage of by other payment processing companies charging you unnecessary high-risk fees by trusting TouchSuite. We provide our services with 1 hour setup turnaround with an easy application process. Let TouchSuite help you to continue to provide your essential service while not getting swindled by other processing companies charging unnecessary fees.

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