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High Risk Payment Processing

Medical Billing & Coding


Don’t let liabilities slow your business down

Medical billing and coding is a crucial industry for the proper functioning of healthcare systems. Although, due to the sensitive nature of many medical documents and billing, credit processing companies take advantage of the potential risks involved to charge companies with unnecessary high-risk fees. The risk involved with potential errors in the billing and coding makes many financial institutions shy away from offering their processing services to medical billing and coding companies.

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At TouchSuite, we are more than willing to welcome the risk of medical billing and coding companies. With two decades of experience working with payment processing services for high-risk industries, we can be trusted to support your business. We eliminate unnecessary high-risk fees for you so that your company can feel trusted and continue to thrive. With 1 hour setup turnaround and an easy application process, TouchSuite can help your company to build sustainable success in your high-risk industry.

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