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High Risk Payment Processing



Don’t let liabilities slow your business down

Although telemedicine is one of the fastest growing industries, credit processing companies tend to place the industry in their risk category. Due to it being a fast-growing industry, there are problems that arise making credit processing companies treat your company unfairly. Concerns like potential litigation and state laws and licensing give credit processing companies the support to charge unnecessary high-risk fees, even though your company is helping people to access healthcare.

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TouchSuite has your back

We know the value that your company provides and understand the complexities of a fast-growing industry. At Touchsuite, we are willing to take on the risk of telemedicine companies. Do not get scammed by other credit processing companies that place you in a “high-risk” category. We offer our services with no rolling reserve, 1 hour setup, and an easy application process. Help us to eliminate unnecessary high-risk fees for you so that you can worry more about the success of your business.

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