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How to Attract New Vapor Cigarette Customers

The booming demand for vapor cigarettes has led to a spike in the research and development of e-cigs and accessories. This is an exciting business right now waiting for a smart chance-taker to become a magnate.

How to Succeed in the Vapor Cigarette Business:
  • You must be flexible with your inventory and marketing strategies. A strong online presence with a secure gateway to purchase products by all common methods of payment is essential. Providing informative content on your website, blog, and social media outlets is also very important.
  • Driving potential customers to your website and other online outlets means providing regularly updated content that informs customers about new products, industry developments, possible legislation, or just introducing a snappy new carrying case.
  • How-to videos are a great way to help customers learn proper use and maintenance of their vapor cigarettes. A strong local marketing campaign is critical for brick and mortar stores even if most of their business occurs online.
  • Keep a close eye on your competition, the development of new products, or improvements to current products. Carefully research sales of electronic cigarettes locally, regionally, and nationally. Use distributors that buy from multiple manufacturers.
  • Maintain an up-to-date supply by using a blend of the latest innovations and currently popular products. Vendors should be able to supply your store with the bestselling e-cigs and accessories. Make sure they allow the discontinuation of weak selling items before entering into a service agreement.
How to Market your Vapor Cigarette Products Online:

There is no trick to successfully marketing products online. It does require a large amount of work by knowledgeable professionals that understand the intricacies of running a SEO and web marketing campaign.

Google and other search engine providers are focusing more on the quality of content a site publishes and not just keyword-rich copy. Content means articles, blog posts, graphics, video, audio, coupons, reviews, instructions, and pricing information.

Develop a relationship with the vaping community by purchasing ads in their websites, podcasts, and newsletters. Answer questions consumers have on forums without forcing a sales pitch on them, and encourage comments on your website about products, services or the industry in general.

These types of campaigns require constant attention to analytics, and the ability to switch tactics in the middle of a sentence. The greatest benefit from online marketing is the cost to benefit ratio. It takes time and patience to build a following, but a well-run campaign will eventually reap rewards.

All Marketing is Local:

Whether you are advertising a brick-and-mortar store, online only, or a combination of both; you should approach marketing from a local point of view. Target different metropolitan areas and cater landing pages to those customers. As online sales increase, expand the number of cities and towns where you market your content. Build from the ground up instead of taking the shotgun approach with national advertising.