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How to Choose the Perfect Domain for your Business

One of the most important steps when starting a new business is developing a website. One of the decisions that goes along developing a website for your business is picking a domain name. There are 8 factors to think about when choosing the domain name for your business’s website. Below are the 8 factors to consider:

  1. Make it Brandable
  2. Make it Pronounceable
  3. Make it short and sweet
  4. .COM vs Others
  5. Avoid Copyright or Trademark Infringement
  6. Make it instantly intuitive
  7. Use keyword inclusion
  8. Modify

Make it Brandable – Select a domain that will be able to provide instant recognition to the business. You will want a domain name that is unique and non-generic so when someone says it, it becomes easily recognized.

Make it Pronounceable – Choosing a domain name that is hard to pronounce by yourself and others will make it extremely difficult for people to associate positivity with your domain name. Being unable to pronounce a domain name will leave people frustrated and turn them away from investigating more about your business’s website.

Make it Short and Sweet – The fewer the characters in your domain name, the better. The advantages to having a short domain name are that it is easier to type, easier to say, easier to share, easier to remember and it’s perfect for sharing on social media platforms due to character count.

.COM vs Others – The first extension you should look at for your domain name is .com. The reason why .com is the best domain extension to go with is because it is the most recognized, the most popular and easily accessible in the tech world.

Avoid Copyright or Trademark Infringement – It is very important to be careful to not use domain names that you think any judge might take legal action against. This could happen due to the domain name being potentially misrepresented or confusable with another established business or organization. An example would be purchasing the domain name when McDonald’s has its slogan copyrighted as “I’m Lovin it”. Even though the 2 are spelled different, it is still very close to the copyrighted version and could lead to legal complications.

Make it Instantly Intuitive – This helps to make the domain name something that your target audience can immediately associate it with so, the audience has a pretty good guess as to what it is you do and products you offer. Ex:

Use Keyword Inclusion – Using a domain name that includes an important keyword that is associated with your business is a great practice when it comes to search engine optimization. This would apply for when a user types in a keyword search and in that keyword search your domain obtains that keyword. An example would be for a smoothie shop run by Lisa.

Modify – In the case where a domain name that best serves for your business is taken, it is recommended to try and tweak the name to something very close and that is available. An example would be for a pizzeria named Anthony’s Pizzeria, with the domain name unavailable. Some tweaks to replace would be,, or