Industry Associations

Industry Associations, Consultants, Lobbyists and Other Influencers

If you represent or advise businesses, you understand the importance of bringing value to your clients and constituents. TouchSuite wants to help! We have forged Strategic Partnerships with many key industry influencers, allowing us to gain an introduction to your clients and members so that we can provide them with competitive rates and other benefits on their electronic payment processing.

In exchange for helping to introduce us, TouchSuite is able to provide many different forms of “compensation”, including:

· Special member discount rates

· Paying some or all of member dues or lobbyist contributions

· Underwriting continuing education expenses

· Paying you referral commissions

The Power of One-To-Many

Entering into Strategic Partnerships with those in a position to make introductions to a collective group with common business needs is a great way for you to add value – and generate either incremental income or offsetting benefits per above. And by providing us with the potential to provide electronic payment solutions to a larger group, TouchSuite has the incentive to:

· Create customized solutions, like developing interfaces with your memberships’ preferred POS or other software solutions

· Offer deeper discounts on our rates based on the collective volume that the group represents

· Jointly market the offering to ensure that you are getting maximum credit for the benefits that you are providing to your constituents.

Lobbyist Case Study

Read about a current Strategic Relationship we have entered into that uses the referral commission generated to underwrite member contributions, providing lower rates AND lower member expenses.

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Whether you work with:

· High Risk Industries

· Medical Associations

· General Retail

· B2B Business Services

· Restaurants and Restaurant Associations

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop customized solutions for quality business referrals

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