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Adult Product Merchant Account

Experienced Adult Merchant Account Providers

Even though it is unjustified, there is a stigma attached to the adult products industry that makes it hard to acquire an adult merchant account. Major banks and credit card processors simply will not work with adult products accounts because they are often considered too risky, not just because of the type of industry, but because of excessive chargebacks and other factors that plague the industry. That’s why it is essential to find a provider who specializes in adult merchant accounts.

TouchSuite has experience with adult merchant accounts and adult payment processors. We not only value your business, but we also understand its unique needs. We offer adult merchant account solutions for every business in the industry, including adult toys and novelties, dating sites, adult bookstores, and more. When you need an adult merchant account, we’re here to help.

TouchSuite offers competitive credit card processing rates for adult product shops, along with the latest technology solutions in card processing devices. We deliver solutions for processing transactions in a secure infrastructure and provide insight for our merchants with our smart technology.

With TouchSuite, adult product shops are able to take payments safely, securely and with true confidence in their processor.

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Increase Your Processing Limits

The processing information below came from one of your competitors. Adding TouchSuite is a fast and easy process. 

Processing Limits Before TouchSuite
Processing Limits with TouchSuite
When You Can’t Walk into a Bank and Apply for a Merchant Account

The owner of an adult products business can’t really contact a bank and apply for a merchant account the way many other businesses can. We understand the challenges of this industry and can help you get an eCommerce or retail adult merchant account that accepts credit and debit cards.

When your business is considered a high-risk business, the only option open to you for payment processing is to use a company that provides high-risk merchant accounts. Most mainstream payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square do not offer services for high-risk businesses such as the ones in the adult merchant account industry.


Great benefits for your business.

You get more than just lower rates.

To make things even more complicated, these payment processors don’t underwrite merchant accounts upon application, so often even high-risk adult merchant accounts are accepted initially.

But once they’ve reviewed your application – a process that can take a month to six months – they will let you know that they do not allow adult merchant accounts. They will then shut down your account, freeze it completely, and kick you off their server. This means no credit card payments can be processed.

How can you avoid this dire situation? Choose a high-risk adult payment processor such as TouchSuite. We’re experienced in handling high-risk accounts and can help you find a solution that will help your business succeed in the long term.

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Finding a payment processor that is willing to work with the adult industry can be challenging. TouchSuite was easy to work with and quick to set us up with the payment account.”

David F. of Passions

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