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Domestic High-Risk Merchant Accounts
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Collection Agency Payment Processing

Collection Agency Merchant Account Turned Down Again?

Reputation matters in any business, but especially when you are securing a merchant account for your company’s credit card processing. Credit card companies and banks that provide merchant accounts don’t look at your personal reputation, but rather the reputation of your industry.

Often, when reviewing a collection agency merchant account application, most providers turn down someone in this industry without a second thought.

With TouchSuite, collection agencies are able to take payments safely, securely and with true confidence in their processor.

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Increase Your Processing Limits

The processing information below came from one of your competitors. Adding TouchSuite is a fast and easy process. 

Processing Limits Before TouchSuite
Processing Limits with TouchSuite
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Why Are Collection Agencies Considered a Risk?

This seems paradoxical since most businesses consider collection agencies as reliable partners who help them do what they cannot do by themselves – hold partners and customers financially responsible when they either illegally or unknowingly neglect to pay for goods and services.
And collection agency credit card processing is a key part of an agency’s business. When people accrue debt, they use credit cards to either set up automatic payments or to pay the debt completely. Not being able to process credit cards means that a collection agency cannot collect.

This is the case of a few bad actors spoiling it for those in the industry who act in good faith. Some collection agencies have given the entire industry a bad name by harassing debtors at work, calling them day and night, and bothering them in person. This has led to an almost universally shared opinion that these agencies are underhanded, deceitful, and troublesome.

In addition, collection agencies tend to have a lot of charge backs, since a portion of the people they contact agree to make a payment, and then decide against it. This causes a lot of cash flow to and from a business, and banks worry about whether or not the collection agency has enough money to pay its customers and that, if they don’t, they will be responsible.

At TouchSuite, we view collection agencies as honest companies run by trustworthy people who are providing a legitimate service that is needed. We offer affordable collection agency merchant accounts and collection agency credit card processing solutions.


Great benefits for your business.

You get more than just lower rates.

Free Payment Hardware
Qualified merchants are able to receive free processing equipment and hardware packages.

Low Payment Processing Rates
In addition to finding the best rates for your business type and size, TouchSuite will meet-or-beat any competitors processing rates.

In-House Underwriting & Risk
Our U.S based high-risk division is here to help you mitigate chargebacks and dispute risk.

Next Day Funding
Speed up your cash flow with our next day funding options. Gaining quick access to capital is critical to developing your business.

All Payment Types, All Networks
You should never have to say no to a customers payment. With our cutting-edge equipment, you can accept credit cards, mobile payments, checks and everything else they might throw at you.


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