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Vape Shop & E-Cigarette
Credit Card Processing

Domestic High-Risk Merchant Accounts
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Vape and E-cigarette Payment Processing

With TouchSuite, you know where your money is. Domestic Processing with a US-Based Bank.

Although vaping and e-cigarettes are legal in the United States, some e-cigarette and vape juice businesses have a hard time finding credit card processing services. No matter if your vape shop accepts credit cards online or in person, it is often considered a “high risk” business.

There are two main reasons credit card processors generally do not accept vape and e-cigarette merchants. The first reason is the age restrictions and federal regulations that govern vape and e-cigs. These regulations mean that they require specific underwriting knowledge and procedures by credit card processors, which many processors are not prepared for or unwilling to offer.

The second reason credit card processors shy away from vape and e-cig merchant services are the reputational risks that come along with these products. Since some vape shops sell items that could be used for marijuana, low-risk processors are hesitant to offer merchant accounts.

TouchSuite understands the particular issues associated with many high-risk verticals. Your business may carry a reputational risk and we’re ok with that. We help Vape and E-Cigarette shops find the credit card processing solution that best meets their business needs.

TouchSuite offers competitive credit card processing rates for vape and e-cigarette shops, along with the latest technology solutions in card processing devices. We deliver solutions for processing transactions in a secure infrastructure and provide insight for our merchants with our smart technology.

With TouchSuite, vape shops are able to take payments safely, securely and with true confidence in their processor.

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Increase Your Processing Limits

The processing information below came from one of your competitors. Adding TouchSuite is a fast and easy process. 

Processing Limits Before TouchSuite
Processing Limits with TouchSuite

Grow Your Business

A common complaint among vape store owners is that the acquiring bank has imposed a monthly volume cap on their processing. If you go over your monthly limit you may be at risk of having a hold placed on your account or termination.

Opening a merchant account with TouchSuite helps you avoid reaching your volume limits. With an additional merchant account, you can lower your chargeback ratio and increase your revenue. Additionally, our high-risk division is U.S based and provides reporting tools and resources that help you mitigate chargeback and dispute risk.

Our specialists help you accept payments in a manner that optimizes the cost of accepting credit cards. We focus on you, so you can focus on running your business.


Great benefits for your business.

You get more than just lower rates.

Free Payment Hardware
Qualified merchants are able to receive free processing equipment and hardware packages.

Low Payment Processing Rates
In addition to finding the best rates for your business type and size, TouchSuite will meet-or-beat any competitors processing rates.

In-House Underwriting & Risk
Our U.S based high-risk division is here to help you mitigate chargebacks and dispute risk.

Next Day Funding
Speed up your cash flow with our next day funding options. Gaining quick access to capital is critical to developing your business.

All Payment Types, All Networks
You should never have to say no to a customers payment. With our cutting-edge equipment, you can accept credit cards, mobile payments, checks and everything else they might throw at you.


“Our revenue increased!”


Adding on another processing line with TouchSuite let our business take in an extra $6,500 a month in revenue. The first call took only twenty minutes and I was completely switched over to their platform in about a week. Their team has been great and very responsive in making sure that all of our payments continued to process correctly.”

Jake R. of Big Cloud Vapes

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TouchSuite can save you money.

Many banks and credit card processors have come to the conclusion that the potential reputational risks supersede the benefits. They have made the decision not to offer merchant services even to legitimate e-cig and vape businesses. By contrast, TouchSuite accepts e-cig and vape related business without hesitation. We’ve built relationships with banks who are able to underwrite e-cig and vape related industries.
Operating a vape or e-cig shop is challenging enough without having to worry about vape credit card processing and e-cig merchant services.

Obtaining a vape and e-cig merchant account means finding a company that knows how to support your business.
TouchSuite offers e-cig and vape credit card processing services to a wide range of retail, eCommerce and mobile-based businesses related to vaping and e-cigs. Whether your business is 100% swipe, partially online, or primarily in wholesale, we have credit card processing solutions that will keep your business up and running.

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