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Invoicing Made Easy with ReCharge

Our CEO, Sam Zietz remarked, “We understand there are a lot of challenges when it comes to managing subscriptions and invoices; therefore, we wanted to provide software that was backed up by powerful functionality coupled with its ease of use,” “Today’s small business owner requires a solution that can provide insights about their business and ReCharge offers just that: a quick and highly secured subscription credit card system that even integrates into your existing QuickBooks® Online software.”

ReCharge looks at a customer’s billing history and the complete transaction information to uncover trends that will allow business owners to make intelligent business decisions. ReCharge also provides businesses with the power to increase revenue and optimize conversions by testing different subscription plans, payment options and free trial pricing models.

ReCharge changes the way business owners look at their customer billing process by providing helpful tools that offer detailed insights into customer behavior. A real-time dashboard makes it easy to access information about monthly revenue that’s been billed, has been collected and remains outstanding.

Some highlights about ReCharge include:

  • Integration with QuickBooks® Online Edition – All invoices and payments are shown in QuickBooks, in real-time.
  • Increase on-time collections – By setting up auto-pay options, business owners can improve cash flow instantly.
  • Flexible billing options – Creating auto-payments, sending one time invoices or creating favorable terms for repeat customers, like Net 30 Day programs are easy with ReCharge.
  • Invoice customers in a secure platform – PCI and DSS compliant encryption models are used.
  • Manage invoicing – Search by invoice, customer, company, paid, outstanding and other quick looks ups.
  • Receive payment safely – Billing directly to a credit card, debit card or ACH is safe and secure.
  • Auto-bill subscribers – Auto-payments increase cash and flow convenience

With ReCharge, you can get started quickly and begin receiving payments from customers today! To learn more about ReCharge, please click here.