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Restaurant Owners: Keep Your Assets Safe – Part 2

TouchSuite: The Solution for Your Restaurant. 

While many aspects can affect the safety of your cash flow and customers’ card information, there are steps you can take to prevent these situations from happening to your restaurant. TouchSuite provides the right tools and reporting to keep your assets safe during your restaurant’s daily activity.


Count often with TouchSuite’s inventory monitoring system.

Do you monitor inventory on a daily basis? If so, then you are on the right track. Inventory tracking is a very important part of a successful restaurant or business. However, putting the right tools in place will set you up for even greater success. TouchSuite has a robust inventory system that can provide reports on all aspects of your business, including inventory.


Closely monitor timed specials with TouchSuite for more accuracy.

If your business runs a promotion or special, such as happy hour or 2-for-1, then great job! Timed specials are great for boosting revenue and bringing in new and returning customers. If you’re not already running a timed special, then perhaps it’s time you start. Whether you’re accustomed to running deals or trying for the first time, TouchSuite can help you manage timed specials. Our point of sale system has the ability to lock timed events, meaning employees aren’t able to ring up discounts outside of your special hours.


The Solution: TouchSuite POS System.

Put security and peace of mind first, and let TouchSuite be your eye in the sky. With TouchSuite’s remote monitoring system, our cameras can be mounted over cash registers, back doors and other theft “hot spots.” These monitoring systems can even be monitored remotely, meaning you can keep an eye on your restaurant’s business at all times.


The bottom line: TouchSuite has your restaurant’s back.

TouchSuite outperforms the competition when it comes to restaurant POS safety and security. Don’t compromise your restaurant’s assets another day. Your system should reflect your business. You don’t have to be one of the many businesses that worries constantly about employee theft related losses. Talk to a TouchSuite agent today to set up the perfect POS system for your thriving restaurant.