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Knowing Your Website’s Bounce Rate, CTR and CVR

There are many different strategies to increase your website’s organic search rankings, both on page and off page. Some on page SEO strategies you might have heard are proper Meta tags, alt-tags, URL structuring and heading title tags. Recently, research has shown there is a correlation between different statistics that can be shown via Google Analytics and your website’s organic search rankings. The statistics I will be referring to are the Bounce Rate, CTR (Click Through Rate) and CVR (Conversion Rates) which can all be provided using Google Analytics. Understanding these different statistics can help you increase organic search rankings and customer experience.

If you don’t have Google Analytics and are interested click HERE for more information

Let me explain what the “Bounce Rate” is and what it means. The Bounce Rate on a website, is a percentage of the total number new users to your website that go to the landing/home page and exit right back out. This means that when that user lands on your homepage, they don’t like on a single link of your website and close it out. If you see that the Bounce Rate is higher than 75%, then that means you should really start thinking of ways to make your homepage more impactful to viewers.

The “Click Through Rate” is a ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. The CTR can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing. With a high CTR comes high CVR, which are Conversion Rates. The Conversion Rate is the number of visitors to your website who actually take action such as purchasing a product or filling out the contact form.

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