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Lightning for QuickBooks

TouchSuite Lightning for QuickBooks continues to expand and grow and now we’ve added TouchSuite Lightning Mobile. Most importantly, business owners simply love the ease and functionality of this program.

TouchSuite Lightning Mobile works with any smart phone, tablet or laptop. For merchants on the go like landscapers, delivery drivers, and repair services; being able to take payments in the field is critical.

The Lightning application resides right on a merchant’s smart device and is easy to use. The business owner simply hits the sale button, types in the dollar amount of sale and then swipes the card. Once the sale is approved, the consumer signs right on the screen and a receipt is generated. The customer can elect to have the receipt emailed to them or not. That’s it. Refunds work exactly the same way.

And of course, TouchSuite Lightning Mobile fully integrates to QuickBooks Online Edition.
Target merchants for TouchSuite Lightning are:

• Landscapers
• In-home service technicians
• Delivery services
• Tow trucks
• Retail businesses that visit trade shows and events
• Independent beauty and wellness consultants

You can view the TouchSuite Lightning mobile application in action right here and learn more about all of the TouchSuite Lightning QuickBooks services by visiting the Quick Books section of our TouchSuite website