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Main Benefits of a Self-Service Kiosk System

The restaurant and hospitality industry is evolving again. Industry leaders are making constant improvements to develop better customer experiences.

Self-service kiosk systems are growing in popularity due to their ability to easily increase customer experience while also adding to the operator’s bottom line. Mega-corporations like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Walmart have already begun to roll out self-service kiosk technology for food ordering, checkout, and much more.

Implementing kiosks has already been proven to increase average order sizes, improve order accuracy, decrease wait times, and save operators money on rising labor costs.


Self-Service Kiosks Increase Average Order Sizes

Studies have shown that customers spend 30 percent more on self-service kiosks. A proper self-service kiosk displays tempting images, compelling product descriptions, and easy-to-add modifiers it is much easier for customers to order what they desire.

Smart upsells and cross-sells can also be implemented to suggest items that go with what the customer is ordering. For example, someone’s ordering a $9.99 sandwich, a combo option can be displayed for an additional $3.99. That would be a 39% increase in order size, by implementing something that takes 60-seconds to create on a kiosk.

Instead of relying on training an employee to ask for a combo each time, the system will automatically ask the customer. Without the pressure of the line, hard-to-read menu board, and moody cashier, customers also feel a bit more ‘free’ when placing the order.

Kiosk Systems Improve Order Accuracy and Efficiency

Self-service kiosks remove the possibility of human error in the order taking process. In busy environments, it is hard for cashiers to hear clearly over the patrons, music, and other noises in the front of the house. This leads to inaccurate order taking and inefficient communication from the front of the house to the back and kitchen.

If a customer orders on a self-service kiosk, whatever they order will be what is displayed on the kitchen ticket or kitchen display monitor. This leads to much more accurate order taking as the error would only come from the customer.

Many kiosks have the customer confirm the order before making it final, allowing them to review the items, modifiers, and any special notes for the kitchen.


Eliminate Long Lines and Wait Times for Customers

There are countless times throughout the year when your business will get SLAMMED with foot traffic. During these times it is hard to tell, but you’re potentially losing customers due to long wait times and lines. Statistically, once the line hits 5 or more, there is over a 50% chance your customer will turn around and go to your competition!

This is easily remedied with a self-service kiosk system. With multiple mounting options, kiosks can be placed on the wall, on a countertop, or even free-standing somewhere else in the building. This allows businesses to divert traffic to self-service kiosk stations as most are capable of taking debit and credit transactions directly on the kiosk.

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