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Get Cash for Your Business Today via a Merchant Working Capital

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An Alternative to Traditional Business Loans

Small business loans are not ideal for companies that may have variations in monthly revenue that might make the fixed monthly payments associated with traditional business financing impractical or even impossible. American Capital Advance uses a dynamic payment schedule that changes based on the monthly sales figures. Unlike traditional small business loans, American Capital Advance’s business financing payments decrease in proportion to your sales, making slower months easier to manage.


American Capital Advance’s Merchant Working Capital program is a preferable alternative to traditional business loans or business financing through a bank. Instead of securing your business loans through assets, you receive capital in exchange for a percentage of your future credit card transactions. Instead of fixed (as with most business loans), your payments remain proportionate to your transactions until the funding has been repaid. Unlike traditional small business loans, this type of business financing has no fixed repayment time and is completely automated through your daily credit card sales.

Unlike traditional business financing or small business loans, American Capital Advance’s Merchant Working Capital program features a higher approval rate, variable payment schedule, and funding within a week. To qualify for American Capital Advance’s Merchant Working Capital business financing your business only needs to have been operating for more than one year, be currently accepting credit card transactions, and has an average monthly credit card sales total of $5,000 or higher.


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