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News Lines: The Green Sheet May Edition

In the most recent News Briefs The Green Sheet May edition, a financial a survey revealed disappointing stats on PCI compliance, an insightful white paper on ISV partnerships has been released and fingerprint payments are being piloted. Let’s take a look at some of the top news lines from May’s issue of The Green Sheet.

A recent Sysnet survey reveals small merchants do not participate in PCI compliance programs.

A merchant acquirer survey conducted by Sysnet Global Solutions revealed that merchants are not participating in PCI compliance programs. The top priority among merchant acquirers is higher PCI compliance rates. The majority of the acquirers surveyed target 70% as their minimum compliance rate while a smaller portion aims for 90% or higher


“Check Out With Me” mobile check out program is being piloted in Walmart stores across the U.S.

Walmart stores nationwide are piloting the “check out with me” check out program in the Lawn & Garden Centers. Sales associates will walk around with handheld POS devices equipped with the ability to process card transacations and provide printed receipts through a Bluetooth printer. The purpose of the this pilot is to reduce checkout lines during the spring gardening season.


White paper published by Paysafe on the rapidly evolving payment services industry and what to look for in ISO/ISV partnerships.

Payment service providers and independet software providers are revisiting strategies and partnerships to align with the rapid changing needs of merchants. The Paysafe Group publised a white paper titled The ISO/ISV Convergence: Do Payments Systems Hold the Key to Helping Both Sides Thrive?, providing insights on what to look for in ISO/ISV payment partnerships to optimize client relationships.


WIC checks and vouchers will be required to transition into EBT card benefits by 2020.

Paper checks and vouchers provided by the federally funded grant program, WIC, will be replaced with EBT cards. The entire United States, its territories and 34 recognized tribes are required to make this change by October 1st, 2020. During 2017, close to 7.3 million women, infants and children received an average of $41.24 a month in WIC benefits, covering more than $3.6 billion in annual food costs, as reported by the USDA FNS data


Elavon receives Point-to-Point Encryption validation, giving customers the highest level of protection.

Elavon receives a new level of validation that gives customers the highest form of encryption protection. Safe-T link with Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), makes data less valuable if stolen, helps business owners manage card industry data protection mandates and reduces the costs associated with mainting PCI compliance.


Protection from cybercrimes against small businesses is the new educational initiative of the Federal Trade Commission.

Stregthening cybersecurity defenses for small businesses is the new focus of The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This national educational campaign is aimed to provide tips on how to better protect data and what to look for from a cybersecurity vendor.


Program that links fingerprints to debit cards is being piloted at the Copenhagen Business School, allowing students to checkout using their fingers.

CBS, Smart Payments, Fingopay and Nets collaborated to install fingerprint scanners in the cafeteria of the Copenhagen Business School. Students can now checkout using only their finger during a transaction. This technology, provided by Nets, enables a link between the unique patterns of veins in fingerprints to a Dankort, the Denmark debit card. This pilot is open to anyone with a dankort.


These news briefs and industry updates originally appeared in The Green Sheet Issue 18:05:01